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Do you want to earn money by promoting us on your website, blog, or through other affiliate channels? Read on to learn more about us and the various partnership opportunities we offer. By collaborating with us, you'll gain access to several benefits that can make your affiliate marketing both rewarding and hassle-free. We take pride in offering quality products known for their reliability and performance. Our extensive product range allows you to target different audiences. With our attractive 10% commission on each sale transaction, you can look forward to increased earnings while promoting products valued for their quality.

Affiliate marketing

Partner Benefits at JM Band

High conversion rate (EPC approx. £1)

Automatic updates of our product feed

A wide range of product banners

Ongoing contests

Support and assistance with content

14-day cookie period

Possibility of retargeting affiliate, content, and leads (when the right conditions are met)

Commission: 10%

creative collaboration


We do not allow any form of affiliates on discount websites and similar platforms. Impersonating is not allowed either. Additionally, Google Ads and Shopping are not options for promotion.

How to Sign Up collaborates with two affiliate networks in the Nordics: Partner Ads and These are among the leading networks in each of the countries they operate in, ensuring smooth cooperation between you as a partner and us. It's easy to sign up on both platforms, and if any issues arise, you're always welcome to contact us via the contact form below. You can also reach out to the two affiliate networks, and they will assist with most matters through email or phone:

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3. Then, you can submit an application, and we will approve it.

4. Now you're ready – welcome aboard!

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2. Once you've signed up/logged in, you can find our partner program here.

3. Then, you can submit an application, and we will approve it.

4. Now you're ready – Welcome aboard!

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About JM Band

JM Band was founded in 1994 by a passionate electrical engineer with roots in both America and Israel. After finding love and starting a family in Denmark, this former street artist turned his passion for street art into a business. Originally established as an import company trading goods at festivals and markets, JM Band's founder designed and built his own printers, leveraging his background in electrical engineering. This gave the company a significant advantage and the ability to produce and deliver hundreds of thousands of wristbands in a very short time.

With over 25 years of experience in selling festival wristbands/control bands, tickets, tokens, keychains, and various printed materials and merchandise for events of all sizes and businesses across Europe, has established itself as a reliable and experienced player in the market. We combine technical expertise with extensive industry knowledge to deliver high-quality products and create memorable experiences for our customers. Our commitment to innovation and efficiency has made us preferred partners for events of all sizes, and we look forward to continuing to provide reliable solutions for many years to come.

FAQ - About Affiliate Partnership with

Work space

What is the target audience of JMband.EU caters to a broad audience within various customer segments. Below are a few examples of customers and the products they might demand.

  • Festivals/Concerts/Events: Festival wristbands/control bands
  • Nightclubs/Restaurant Industry: Tickets, tokens, and control bands
  • Sports Events: Tickets, tokens, control bands, and race numbers
  • Educational Institutions: Keychains/lanyards, tickets, ID bands, and control bands
  • Museums: Keychains/lanyards, control bands, and tickets
  • Individuals: Control bands, ID bands, bouquet ribbons, and various food/drink tickets.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is an online marketing method where content creators and companies collaborate to increase traffic and sales. Companies pay affiliate marketing partners (influencers, bloggers, YouTube stars, etc.) to recommend their products or services.

Affiliate marketing is a win-win situation for both parties. Companies gain more exposure and traffic, while partners earn money by recommending/promoting products to their network.

What does content affiliate mean?

Content affiliate means earning money by producing content for others. This can include text, video, or audio content. Typically, you are paid a commission for each sale you generate. Content affiliate typically involves articles on a website, reviews, price comparisons, and similar content.

What is retargeting affiliate?

Retargeting affiliate is a form of affiliate marketing that allows companies to re-display their ads to users who have already shown interest in their product or service. This is achieved using cookies and other technologies that track users' activities on the internet, such as on Facebook or other social media platforms.

Can anyone start an affiliate partnership with JM Band

Yes, anyone can become part of our partner network. Once you've applied to join the program, we will contact you to figure out how we can achieve good results together.

What is an affiliate link?

An affiliate link is a hyperlink that allows a website or blogger to earn money by referring traffic to another website. Affiliate links are sometimes facilitated by third-party programs that enable bloggers and other website administrators to earn commissions on their referrals. Typically, an affiliate link will include a link to the product page and data that can track which website generated the sale and which network was used, such as Partner Ads.

How much can I earn from affiliate marketing?

You can earn as much as you want with affiliate marketing, provided you have a good strategy and know how to leverage your marketing channels and network. Therefore, it depends on your own efforts.

In how many countries can one become a partner?

Our affiliate program is set up to operate in the following countries:







United Kingdom



Do you have any questions? Please feel free to contact us.