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Buy Numbered Paper Roll Tickets, Admission Tickets Rolls, Food and Beverage Tickets, Custom Printed Roll Tickets and Drink Ticket Roll in UK and Republic of Ireland

High-Quality Roll Tickets

JM Bands offers a wide range of roll tickets perfect for events, concerts, festivals, and more. Our roll tickets are practical, durable, and easy to use. They come in various colors and designs, allowing you to customize them to match your event or theme.

Our roll tickets are made of high-quality materials and printed on durable material, ensuring they can withstand wear and maintain their functionality throughout the event. They are also water-resistant, meaning they won't be damaged if exposed to rain or moisture.

One of the significant advantages of our roll tickets is their convenient roll mechanism. This makes it easy to adjust the length and ensure the ticket fits perfectly around the wrist or ankle. You can easily roll the ticket tightly or loosely, depending on what is most comfortable for guests.

Our roll tickets also feature a security perforation, making it easy to tear the ticket off when it is no longer needed. This simplifies access control management and ensures that only the right individuals have access to your event.

Whether you need roll tickets for a large music festival or a smaller event, you can rely on JM Bands' quality products. We also offer the option to customize roll tickets with your own logo, text, or design to add an extra personal touch to your tickets.

So if you're looking for reliable, durable, and practical roll tickets for your next event, JM Bands is the right choice. We are ready to provide tickets that ensure a seamless and professional access control experience for both you and your guests.

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Roll tickets can be used for various purposes, such as access control, wardrobe tickets, and food and beverage control. They are versatile and can be tailored to different events and needs.

Numbered Paper Roll Tickets

We all know tickets; we have all bought them at some point of time in order to gain access to an event. It may be a ticket to Glastonbury festival, a cloakroom ticket for depositing a garment at the concert hall or using a food voucher for a meal at Tivoli amusement park.

In many events you will find some sort of admission control. After admission there may be an option for depositing belonging in a cloakroom facility. At the event beverages and foods are offered to the guest. You can use our numbered roll entry tickets for admission control, our roll cloakroom tickets for convenient depositing of personal belongings and our numbered food and drinks tickets for keeping track and controlling consumption of food and beverages. JMband, is a leading roll tickets supplier to the UK and Republic of Ireland.

If you are looking for roll tickets, you have come to the right place. We offer high quality tickets including custom printed roll tickets with your text and logo at competitive prices. We also supply quality accessories like roll ticket dispenser and DIY rubber stamp. Convenient and ease are the key words when it comes to roll tickets. A practical, easy, efficient and relatively cheap solution for ticketing.

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Uses of Numbered Paper Roll Tickets

Numbered paper tickets are used as exchange media for physical products, services, or the issuance of permits.
It can be access to an event, or it can also be used as a voucher for food or drink, or for use in a wardrobe. The ticket is far from high-tech; it's the old-fashioned way of doing things, but it works, and it has its advantages due to its simplicity.

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Make Your Own Roll Tickets with Your Text and Logo

We can also provide custom-printed Roll Tickets with your text and logo. Custom Roll Tickets are made with your print on the back of the tickets, where your text and logo appear.
You can design your own Roll Tickets and send us the graphics to be printed. Contact us for further information.

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Roll Ticket Dispenser

A good roll ticket dispenser is indispensable when using Roll Tickets. The roll is held vertically in place, making it easy to distribute tickets to users. The front of the tickets in the dispenser can be visible to both the vendor and the user/guests.
Additionally, a ticket dispenser prevents collapsing between rolls. You can extend the use of each ticket using a paper hole punch. A hole in the tickets is associated with the number of items or features used in a single ticket.
If you would like to customize the back of the tickets or coupons to make them unique, you can use our 'Do It Yourself' rubber stamp. Texts and simple icons can be stamped on roll tickets as needed. Using a 'Do It Yourself' rubber stamp, you can change dates and messages when necessary.

  • Entrance and wardrobe tickets

    Entrance roll tickets in multiple colors
    2-part wardrobe tickets
    3-part wardrobe tickets
    Wardrobe tickets in booklet form
    Plastic wardrobe tickets

  • Drink tickets

    Beer roll tickets
    Cocktail roll tickets
    Wine roll tickets
    Drink roll tickets in multiple colors
    Soda/soft drink roll tickets
    Bottle drink roll tickets

  • Food tickets

    Coffee roll tickets
    Burger roll tickets
    Green food roll tickets
    White food roll tickets
    Yellow food roll tickets

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Materials Used for Manufacturing Roll Tickets

Quality is what characterizes our tickets. Roll tickets are made from either standard pulp paper, wood-free paper, or thermal sensitive paper. Our entire range of roll tickets is microperforated at intervals, making it easy to tear the tickets from the roll.

FAQ - Answers to Your Questions

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How should I store JM Bands roll tickets?

We recommend using our convenient roll ticket dispenser, which holds the roll in place and makes it easy to hand out tickets to guests.

What types of events are JM Bands roll tickets suitable for?

Our roll tickets can be customized for a wide range of events such as concerts, festivals, sports events, and more.

Can JM Bands roll tickets be reused?

No, our roll tickets are typically designed for single use. This ensures security and prevents potential ticket copying.

Can I customize the roll tickets with our own design?

Yes, at JM Band, you can customize the roll tickets with your own logo, colors, and text to perfectly match your event and brand.