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Recycled Ocean Plastic Tokens

Recycled Ocean Plastic Tokens

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  • We will assist you with graphic design.

Product Overview

Tokens made from reclaimed sea plastic

  • Crafted from recycled fishing nets, each token helps reduce ocean plastic pollution.
  • Distinctive turquoise color that stands out.
  • Personalization options with embossing for a unique touch.
  • Supports environmental sustainability.
  • Minimum order quantity of 1000 pieces per color and design.
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Recycled Ocean Plastic Tokens

Introducing our Recycled Ocean Plastic Tokens - not just tokens, but a statement. Crafted from recycled fishing nets, these tokens shine in a distinctive turquoise hue, symbolizing a commitment to a cleaner, healthier ocean. When you choose these tokens, you're choosing to make a real difference.

Personalisation Options

Our tokens offer a unique opportunity for personalization. Emboss your logo and text on the tokens to create a memorable impact. Imagine offering a token that says, "Redeem this token for 1 candy at our store," to encourage physical traffic in your stores. Choose from our ready-to-ship stock or opt for a custom design. Whether you need a hole punched or prefer a specific embossing, we've got you covered.

Environmental Impact

These tokens are more than just promotional items; they're part of a movement to reduce ocean plastic pollution. Made from old fishing nets collected and recycled by the Danish company Plastix, each token represents a step towards cleaner seas. By supporting this initiative, you're helping to prevent plastic waste from contaminating our oceans.

Embossing Details

Our embossing service lets you imprint your brand’s logo or any design on one or both sides of the tokens. The raised relief in the same eye-catching turquoise color ensures your tokens stand out. Available in various sizes, these tokens are perfect for making a statement while promoting your brand and supporting the environment.

Minimum Order Quantity

To maintain our eco-friendly production, we have a minimum order quantity of 1000 pieces per color and design. This ensures efficiency and sustainability in our manufacturing process.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you retrieve the plastic from fishing nets?

We partner with Plastix, a pioneer in recycling discarded fishing nets. They collect these nets from ports, transform them into plastic granulate, and we then mold them into our eco-friendly tokens.

Can I get colour-print on the tokens?

Due to the special nature of the material, color printing isn't possible. The ink doesn't adhere well, but our embossing provides a striking alternative.

Will all tokens be exactly identical?

Given the recycled material, slight color variations and size differences may occur. This uniqueness adds to their charm but may make them unsuitable for use as shopping cart tokens. We strive to minimize these differences as much as possible.

Can I order fishing net tokens in different colors?

No, the unique turquoise color is a hallmark of our fishing net tokens, symbolizing their ocean-saving origins.

What are the components in the plastic?

The tokens are made from 95% recycled fishing nets and 5% binder to ensure durability and quality.

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